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7 Reasons Why DCS Co-Pack Will Transform Your Next Display

Discover why DCS Co-Pack is the ideal partner for all your packaging needs. From fast, flexible services to sustainable choices, we offer end-to-end solutions.
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/ 18th October 2023

How Will the New HFSS Regulations Affect Point of Sale Displays in Stores?

Discover the meaning of HFSS (High Fat, Sugar, and Salt) and its impact on the food industry. Learn about the HFSS regulations in the UK, the restricted promotional activities, challenges faced by material suppliers, and how DCS can assist with supplying effective POS solutions.
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/ 9th August 2023

Co-Pack POS Display Matrix

Retailers in the UK continue to have a significant need for POS Displays. In response, DCS Copack in conjunction with our packaging partners has established a library of pre-existing structures - suitable across our broad range of SKUs and retailers, as part of our ambition to support sales growth by guaranteeing a flexible, efficient supply chain.
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Co-packing: Why It’s a Game Changer

Looking for an addition to your company's packaging operations that could hold the key to unlocking new and innovative retail opportunities? Contract packaging can provide a solution to meet all of your demands and specifications, regardless of whether you're a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, start-up company, or marketer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs). Because of our ability to optimize the efficiency and productivity of operations, Co-pack is significantly considered a ‘key’ element, rather than a ‘value added’ extra to the supply chain.
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/ 7th December 2022

DCS Group (UK) Ltd and Standout Field Marketing Announce Sales and Distribution Partnership

DCS Group (UK) Ltd and Standout Field Marketing announce a sales and distribution partnership, commencing with global beauty brand, Coty, as their first client partner.
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/ 17th March 2022

Fairy Co-Pack Partnership

Reacting to new PMP opportunities in Wholesale and Convenience.
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/ 5th January 2021