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Why Toothbrushes Are More Interesting Than You Think

Explore effective strategies for retailers to align dental care product offerings with consumer demands, maximising sales potential in this thriving market segment.
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7 Reasons Why DCS Co-Pack Will Transform Your Next Display

Discover why DCS Co-Pack is the ideal partner for all your packaging needs. From fast, flexible services to sustainable choices, we offer end-to-end solutions.
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/ 18th October 2023

Enlivening Sales with Rayburn

Discover how DCS Group's strategic partnership with Rayburn led to the successful launch of the Enliven brand in the UK and international markets.
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/ 11th October 2023

Moving Towards Sustainability

Discover how DCS Group is leading the way in corporate social responsibility (CSR) through impactful sustainability initiatives. Learn about their solar panel installation and voltage optimiser implementation, reducing carbon emissions and setting a commendable standard for responsible corporate practices.
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/ 4th October 2023

Why Strong Partnerships Matter

Discover how DCS Group, the UK's premier FMCG distributor, strengthens supplier relationships through collaborative sessions. Learn about our commitment to understanding strategies, NPD, marketing plans, and customer dynamics.
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/ 20th September 2023

DCS Group and B&Q: A Growing Partnership

Discover how DCS Group is boosting its partnership with B&Q, introducing pallet displays of Persil, Comfort, and Domestos in 70 stores, and plans to expand to 200 stores by December 2023.
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/ 13th September 2023

From Insight to Impact: DCS Collaborates with QD Stores

Discover how DCS's impartial category and ranging advice transformed QD Stores' household, health, and beauty range, boosting sales and profitability. Learn how data analysis, shopper trend insights, and strategic planning led to outstanding results.
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Ensuring Safe and High-Quality Cosmetic Products: The Importance of Production Environment Quality

Discover the significance of a clean production environment in the cosmetics industry to guarantee the safety and quality of products. Learn about microbiological monitoring, proper cleaning practices, and preventative measures for avoiding contamination risks.
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/ 23rd August 2023