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How Important is it to Stock Healthier Snacking?

January is traditionally the time for ditching the fat, sugar and beer and replacing them with carrots, lettuce and water. Some people take to this more enthusiastically than others, but there’s no doubt that January is the right time to beef up your healthier snacking range.
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DCS, P&G and Farmfoods Collaborate

The power of collaboration has been demonstrated perfectly by DCS, P&G and Farmfoods.
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/ 11th January 2023

Follow These Tips to Avoid Losing Sales in 2023

With inflation at a 40-year high and wage rises failing to keep pace, you could be forgiven for thinking that shoppers are stripping the shelves of all the entry-level value products and leaving all the more premium lines to gather dust. BUT… you’d be wrong.
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/ 14th December 2022

Co-packing: Why It’s a Game Changer

Looking for an addition to your company's packaging operations that could hold the key to unlocking new and innovative retail opportunities? Contract packaging can provide a solution to meet all of your demands and specifications, regardless of whether you're a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, start-up company, or marketer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs). Because of our ability to optimize the efficiency and productivity of operations, Co-pack is significantly considered a ‘key’ element, rather than a ‘value added’ extra to the supply chain.
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/ 7th December 2022

DCS Scores a Goal with Bestway

With a first for DCS, we have teamed up with Bestway to be part of a promotional World Cup event.
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/ 30th November 2022

Sulphate Free - What's It All About?

Sulphates are a type of primary detergent that does the actual cleaning to remove the dirt, oil, and so on which we expect from products we buy in the washing & bathing aisles. The question is though should you avoid these materials?
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/ 9th November 2022

DCS & Whitworths: Bringing Healthy Snacking to WHS Travel

WHSmith Travel has an unrivaled presence in airports, with stores in every major UK airport, and around 300 million passengers crossing by their stores each year. WHSmith Travel is also a proud partner of the NHS and local trusts, operating stores in over 140 hospitals across the UK. In addition to airports and hospitals, WHSmith Travel has more than 100 rail stores across Mainline and Regional stations with a whopping 1.8 billion people passing through every year.
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/ 26th October 2022

Dental Care: The £1 Billion Market

Everybody brushes their teeth, right? Yes, they do (with very few exceptions). Twice a day? The number drops off here, more than you might think. Dentists recommend you change your toothbrush every three months – people do that, right? Well… not even I do that, and I’m working with this information every day. I know I should, but then I think… I’ll just push it a little longer.
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