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DCS Engagement at COTY 2023 Conference: Celebrating Success and Innovation

Discover how DCS made its mark at the COTY Y24 Conference, celebrating achievements and embracing new technology trends. Explore the insights shared by industry leaders and the collaborative spirit that drives growth.

Katie Rainbow - Channel Head

2 Minutes

/ 16th August 2023
  • Sales & Distribution

On the 11th-13th July, DCS had the privilege of being guests at the much-anticipated COTY annual conference. The event brought together industry leaders and professionals to celebrate COTY's achievements in Y23 and to foster inspiration and motivation for continued success in Y24. Among the attendees were key members of the DCS team, including CEO, Michael Lorimar; Head of Commercial, Lily Hartin; Head of Sales, Andrew Turner; Commercial Manager, Kieran Reading; and Channel Head, Katie Rainbow.

The primary focus of the conference was to underscore COTY's aspirations in the UK market, with specific goals of becoming No.1 in Fragrance, No.3 in Make-up, and achieving a Top 10 ranking in skincare. To achieve these objectives, the COTY Senior Leadership team showcased their comprehensive strategy across Fragrance, Cosmetics, and Skincare. Attendees were treated to insights into innovative New Product Development (NPD) initiatives and cutting-edge media strategies designed to drive growth and capture consumer interest.

A standout feature of the conference was the insightful guest speaker who delved into the realm of new technologies, particularly highlighting Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). This segment of the conference left participants, including the DCS representatives, pondering the potential applications of these technologies in their respective industries.

Throughout the event, DCS received several acknowledgements and mentions, solidifying the importance of our partnership with COTY. As part of COTY's overarching "Business Expansion" strategic pillar, the partnership with DCS holds a key position in the pursuit of ambitious growth targets, with a specific aim of achieving a remarkable 15% increase.

The conference provided an ideal platform for DCS to network with industry peers, gain valuable insights from the COTY leadership team, and explore potential collaborations to drive mutual success. Attendees were enthusiastic about the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices, fostering a collaborative atmosphere throughout the three-day event.

Overall, the COTY Y24 Conference proved to be an enlightening and productive experience for the DCS team. The insights gained from industry leaders, the exposure to cutting-edge technology, and the celebration of success stories from Y23 provided inspiration and renewed determination to achieve even greater heights in the year ahead. DCS looks forward to further collaborations with COTY and other industry peers to shape the future of the fragrance, cosmetics, and skincare sectors in the UK market and beyond.