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The Grocer Gold Awards 2024

Exciting news! DCS Manufacturing has been nominated for The Grocer Gold Awards 2024!
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/ 17th May 2024

Are Your Customers Double Cleansing?

In the world of skincare, the pursuit of flawless, radiant skin often leads us to discover innovative routines and practices. One such practice that has gained significant attention is the art of double cleansing. DCS Group, the UK's leading distributor of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) and a reputable manufacturer, sheds light on what double cleansing entails and whether it is a skincare step suited for everyone.
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/ 15th November 2023

Ensuring Safe and High-Quality Cosmetic Products: The Importance of Production Environment Quality

Discover the significance of a clean production environment in the cosmetics industry to guarantee the safety and quality of products. Learn about microbiological monitoring, proper cleaning practices, and preventative measures for avoiding contamination risks.
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/ 23rd August 2023

Body Lotion vs Body Cream vs Body Butter: What's the Difference and Which One Should You Use?

Understand the differences between body lotion, body cream, and body butter, and learn which one is best for your skin type and needs.
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/ 19th April 2023

Why You Need to Stock Hair Masks in 2023

A fairly recent innovation, hair masks are an essential part of a hair care routine as they provide extra nourishment and hydration to your hair beyond what conventional conditioning products offer. Accordingly, consumers expect these products within their preferred haircare brand of choice.
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/ 8th February 2023

Sulphate Free - What's It All About?

Sulphates are a type of primary detergent that does the actual cleaning to remove the dirt, oil, and so on which we expect from products we buy in the washing & bathing aisles. The question is though should you avoid these materials?
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/ 9th November 2022

The Psychology of Private Label

As consumers' budgets are stretched further, offering price differentiated alternatives is critical in service of budget-constrained families. However, the consumer is also keenly aware of quality. Private label has evolved to meet these demands beyond the era of ‘No Frills’ and ‘Value’ stripped-back offerings. It is critical that private label offerings continually evolve and follow some principles.
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/ 7th September 2022

Why Use Sulphates in Shampoo?

Sulphates aren't always the enemy. Here we explain why sulphates can also be good for your hair.
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/ 7th June 2022