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Grow Your Sales With Laundry Add-Ons

The UK laundry add-ons market, worth £120m in the UK, plays a key role in boosting sales. The biggest segment is Stain Removers, making up just over 75% of the total category, and is dominated by Vanish, which holds 70% market share. This means essential products include Vanish Oxi-Action spray and powder. But there’s more to the category than just removing stains, with antibacterial cleansers, washing machine cleaners, colour catchers, whiteners, brighteners, and spray-on starch all offering you the opportunity to grow basket value and build shopper loyalty.
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/ 21st June 2024

Fabric Conditioners: The Key to Boosting Retail Sales

In the UK, the market for fabric conditioners is worth almost £430 million a year as people seek delightful fragrances for their laundry. There are various options available, from floral to citrus and beyond, with products ranging from subtle to bold. It's important to stock the right combination of products for your store to meet the needs of different shoppers.
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Behind the Bubbles: Mastering the Laundry Aisle for Retailers

Unlocking the secrets to a successful laundry aisle can significantly impact retail success, given the laundry category's substantial £1.7bn value in the UK market. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of choosing the right laundry range, focusing primarily on detergents. From understanding shopper segments to navigating brand preferences and product formats, we unravel the key considerations that drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Join us as we explore the nuances of this essential category and uncover strategies to optimise your laundry offerings for maximum impact and growth.
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/ 26th April 2024